Welcome to RepairTech

Formerly known as Just iStuff.

Formerly known as Just iStuff, RepairTech is the next generation in tech repair. Servicing Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, we have now extended our reach to Samsung devices, Apple Macs and Windows PC devices. Now rebranded and relaunched as RepairTech, we continue to excel customer expectations in smartphone, tablet and computer repair in price, customer satisfaction and quality of service. Since 2011, we have built our business around pleasing our customers and we hope to continue to excel this goal as we move into new product categories and repair your tech!

Our ability to combine exceptional value for money, ultra fast repairs and outstanding quality of service has propelled our business forward since we began and has allowed us to become a dominant enterprise in the Smartphone repair market, renowned for our customer service and honesty.

Wherever possible we use original quality parts, backing this belief in our parts and workmanship with a 3 month warranty. We ensure there are no hidden charges and payment will not be taken until your repair has been completed and tested to our satisfaction.

We are currently located in the Onkaparinga Hills near Woodcroft, offering free unrestricted parking and a warm welcome to all of our customers.